The Family Treasure Chest

GENEALOGY is a vast research area that encompasses many facets of human involvement including religion, history, occupations, family relationships, wars, births, deaths and more.

You will discover the hardships and joys of your ancestors' lives.

What you learn will give you the kinship required to bond you forever with your ancestors.

When you contribute all of your family information to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, you will create a "Family Treasure Chest" locked in a granite mountain that will last the centuries.

This "Chest" will endure long after all the gravestones have worn away and the fires, floods and human folly have consumed all the fragile records.

This "Chest" will be there for all your descendants whenever they want to look into it.

I think your ancestors would be proud of you if they knew that you are helping to keep their lives from disappearing into the sands of time.

Your remembrance will preserve the very essence of what made you and will make your descendants down through the ages.

They worked hard for you to be here. Please learn and work hard to assemble and record the facts and stories of their lives.


Written by Jon Schweitzer 30 Sep 1993.

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