Ebay Buying Hints

Jon Schweitzer
Made 30 April 2007.
Revised 14 Feburary 2014.


Review the entire "Buyer Guide" at: http://pages.ebay.com/help/buy/index.html

Learn the different "Auction Types" and their rules from the "Buyer Guide".

Search old sales to determine the selling prices of the item on eBay by using "Search" and then "Completed Items".

Use the "Advanced Search" to refine your search on eBay.

Set the maximum price that you should be paying for the item.

Don't over pay for the item.

Research the item using Google at http://www.google.com Try to find reviews, positive and negative comments about the item. Learn about the features and specifications.

Don't overpay for shipping and handling. Some sellers don't specify anything about the shipping and handling costs. You must email them to ask about their shipping and handling (S & H) costs if they have not specified (actual shipping costs) because they might surprise you with BIG costs after the close of the auction.

Always review the feedback that the buyers have placed on eBay about the seller. If you don't like what other people have written, don't bid even if it is a very low price. There are some "BAD" sellers out there.

Review the other things that the seller is selling. You might want to bid on other items to reduce the combined shipping and handling costs.

Start your adventurous buying on eBay with purchases of low priced items under $20.

If you send snail mail to the seller, include a print out of the sale site from eBay and a completed mailing label.

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