The Genealogy Garbage Collector

If you want garbage and not the truth, then please participate in

all the questionable practices below!


These are some of the Genealogy Garbage Collector's activities.

Listens and records all oral histories from relatives and believes every word.

Believes the family entries in bibles that have been published 20 to 100 or more years after the earliest date entered.

Uses all information obtained from FamilySearch without question and does not prove the infomation.

Copies and believes all pertinent pages from printed family histories that have provided no sources.

Adds all undocumented information to their database that has been found on other people's Pedigree Charts and Family Group Record sheets and never looks for verifying sources.

Adds all computer GEDCOMs, that contain no sources, to their computer database and does not seek good sources.

Accepts as fact the information in books, without sources, and adds it to their database.

Adds all unsubstantiated information to their database that has been found on the Internet / Web and does not find supporting documentation.

Accepts as fact all database corrections, without sources, made by other people.

Believes all information found in newspaper obituaries, reports and articles.

Accepts the birthplace and date information given on a death record.

Believes the information provided by the youngest child in the family and/or a child that has been born in a different country and the second or third spouse.

Collects all persons with the same surname and believes they are all related.

Written by Jon Schweitzer on 1 December 1998

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