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PARKING NOTICE - During the normal school session (Sep - Jun) the Parking Structures will probably be filled between 8 AM and 3 PM on weekdays. Suggest you arrive before 7 AM or after 3 PM on weekdays to find available parking. Friday is the best weekday to find parking. Saturday and Sunday are the very best days to find parking. Enter UCLA Campus off Sunset Blvd. - stop at Information Booth K4 and obtain a campus map and $12 parking permit - drive to and park in #5 Parking Structure. Walk east and north to the (RED TRIANGLE ON RIGHT SIDE OF MAP ABOVE) Young Research Library (old name was University Research Library). Phone 310-825-3618 from 7:45 AM-5 PM for parking information.

YOUNG RESEARCH LIBRARY - Phone 310-825-8301 anytime for a recording of the library hours of operation. Normal school session hours are MON-THUR 11 AM-6 PM, FRI 11 AM-5 PM and SAT-SUN 1 PM-5 PM. See the Web page for information. You must buy a plastic debit card from one of the machines on the ground floor to use the paper copy machines ($.10 each copy). Use a catalog computer terminal or on-line catalog on the ground floor to locate materials or ask a person at the Information or Reference Desk. You must obtain a free orange library reference card at the Circulation Desk to use the Special Collections or Microforms Room. Obtain change from the cashier on the ground floor. See for the menu for all the UCLA libraries.

Selectors - There are Subject Specialists or Selectors who can be phoned to obtain reference and research assistance with different collections such as Germanic and Scandinavian Studies. Consult the "UCLA Library Guide" at the Information Desk for the large list of Subject Specialists or Selectors or phone 310-825-1323 for a referral to the appropriate Selector. Normal school session hours are MON-THUR 11 AM-6 PM, FRI 11 AM-5 PM and SAT-SUN 1 PM-5 PM. See for the list of Subject Specialists or Selectors.

Open Shelves or Stacks - on all 5 floors - use a catalog computer terminal to locate the call letter(s) and number(s) for the book you are researching - look for the floor location on the directory at the elevators - go to the floor and look for the shelf location on the directory on the wall when you get out of the elevator - go to the shelf to find your book and search the surrounding areas for other books on your subject. Reference Department - ground floor - has newspaper union lists, newspapers on microfilm books, directories and computer reference services using many databases. Phone 310-825-1323 for information.

Special Collections - in basement - special collections section has old, rare, poor condition materials, old maps, atlases, files of early California newspapers and city directories - look in card catalogue - fill out card for materials and wait 1/2 hr to 2 days for materials to be retrieved. You must have a orange library reference card to obtain items. Open MON-SAT 10 AM-5 PM. Phone 310-825-4988 to verify hours of operation. You must use a digital camera WITHOUT flash to make copies.

Microforms Department - On A level - has microfilms of newspapers and city directories - fill out request card to obtain microforms. See the index of newspapers on microfilm on the counter. You must have a free orange library reference card to use the microforms. Paper copies or images placed on your flash drive cost $.15 each. Open TUE-THUR 9 AM-6:45 PM, FRI-SAT 9 AM-4:45 PM. Phone 310-825-4003 to verify hours of operation.

Map Department - On A level of the Young Research Library. Modern, historical, topographical maps, atlases, gazetteers and related cartographic material for all areas of the world. You must use your plastic debit card - $.10 for 8-1/2x11, 8-1/2x14 or 11x17 copies. $1 for 8-1/2x11 or 8-1/2x14 color copies. Open MON-FRI 9-5, SAT 1-5, Reference MON-FRI 11-5. Phone 310-825-1323 to verify hours of operation, policies and accessibly to maps. New policies make it VERY hard to get any maps. There are no more open stacks (drawers). Request your maps and it might take two days for them to be retrieved. Try ordering your maps in advance by phone. No copy machines. You must use a very good digital camera WITHOUT flash to make copies or you must order copies made for you. Many maps are stored at the SOUTHERN REGIONAL LIBRARY FACILITY described below.

SOUTHERN REGIONAL LIBRARY FACILITY - Little used materials are transferred to this facility on the west side of the campus. Bring one dollar bills to convert to a plastic debit card to use for $.l0 copies. The ORION catalog computer terminal display will indicate if the material or book is at the Southern Regional Library Facility. You must obtain a separate $12 parking token from an Information Booth to park in no. 11 parking building and walk to the facility. Open MON-FRI 1 PM-5 PM. Phone 310-206-2012 to verify hours of operation. No copy machines. You must use a very good digital camera WITHOUT flash to make copies.

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