Creating an HTML Document

Jon Schweitzer
Revised 30 September 2003

These are suggestions about how to write an HTML language document with Word 97 or other Word versions and word processors on a PC.

The main problem with the Word software and other HTML editors is that they change or delete your text when you ask them to convert to an HTML document. They may also remove any good tags and other proper work you have entered and place their own junk HTML language in the HTML document.

Try your method or HTML editor to see if they corrupt your work.


One way to make a proper HTML document is to write up the Web page text using all the correct Meta tags and all other proper and desired HTML language.

Create a new directory such as "Smith Web page" and save the document as the same name in that directory as a Word document.

"Copy" the document.

Start with a new empty/blank word document and "save as HTML" document with the file name "index" in the new Web page directory.

Open the "index" HTML document in "Wordpad" and "paste" in the former word document and delete the other junk HTML language that was created.

Future corrections require opening the HTML document in "Wordpad" and saving changes as "text document"!

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