<TITLE>Schweitzer family history genealogy in Wisconsin, Minnesota & Luxembourg</TITLE>
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Schweitzer family genealogy history searchable database 
in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Luxembourg. Related families are Ullman,
Ulman, Ulmen, Vogtmann, Erpelding, Lauer, Lemmer and Lellig."> <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT=" /schweitzer ,schweitzer family history,schweitzer family,
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database in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Luxembourg.
Related families are Ullman, Ulman, Ulmen, Johnson,
Vogtmann, Beck, Hastert, Hengen, Stoll, Voghman,
Erpelding, Lemmer, Lellig, Lauer, Olinger and Willems. --> <CENTER><ADDRESS><IMG SRC="rwb.gif" WIDTH=576 HEIGHT=7 ALT="Schweitzer
genealogy in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Luxembourg"></ADDRESS></CENTER><BR> <P ALIGN=CENTER><FONT SIZE=6 COLOR="#0000ff"><STRONG>Schweitzer Family History<BR> Genealogy Web Site</STRONG></FONT><BR><BR> <STRONG><FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#ce007b">With Searchable Database.</FONT></STRONG><BR><BR> <CENTER><IMG SRC="rwb.gif" WIDTH=576 HEIGHT=7 ALT="Schweitzer family genealogy"></CENTER><BR> <P ALIGN=CENTER><FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#083194"><STRONG>This Schweitzer family is from</STRONG></FONT><BR> <FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#ff0000"><EM><STRONG>ONLY</STRONG></EM></FONT><BR> <FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#083194"><STRONG>Douglas Co., Wisconsin<BR> Winona Co., Minnesota<BR> Blue Earth Co., Minnesota<BR> and Luxembourg before 1850.<BR><BR> <EM>The related families are Beck, Erpelding, Hastert,<BR>Hengen, Johnson, Lauer, Lellig, Lemmer, Olinger, Stoll,<BR>Ulmen, Ullman, Ulman, Vogtman, Vogtmann, Weiss, Willems and Zorn. </EM></STRONG></FONT> <P ALIGN=CENTER><FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#083194"><STRONG> I would like to exchange Schweitzer family history
information</STRONG></FONT><BR> <FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#ff0000"><EM><STRONG>ONLY</STRONG></EM></FONT><BR> <FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#083194"><STRONG>if you have Schweitzer family
connections to the above locations.</STRONG></FONT><BR> <P ALIGN=CENTER><FONT SIZE=4><STRONG>Enter my searchable Schweitzer family <A <A HREF="http://www.encinojon.com/database/persons.html">DATABASE</A><BR> The database has only persons born before 1903.<BR><BR> Please use "BACK" to return to this Schweitzer page.</STRONG></FONT><BR><BR> <STRONG><EM>I CANNOT answer any research questions unless you have<BR> Schweitzer family connections to the above locations.</EM><BR><BR> Send comments about your Schweitzer family information and this Web site to:<BR> Jon Schweitzer<BR> 15553 Otsego St., Encino, CA 91436 USA<BR> or E-mail:jons@1stnetusa.com<BR></A> <A HREF="mailto:jons@1stnetusa.com">or Click Here to E-mail.</A></STRONG><BR><BR> <FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#FF0000"><STRONG>Look at my <A HREF="http://www.encinojon.com/genealogy">WEB SITE of links to my other 39 surname Web sites.</STRONG></FONT><BR><BR> <FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#FF0000"><STRONG>Also look at my <A HREF="http://www.encinojon.com/Royalgen">ROYALTY and NOBILITY WEB SITE.</A></STRONG></FONT><BR><BR> <FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#FF0000"><STRONG><A HREF="http://www.encinojon.com/inkjet"
>Money Saving Hints about INKJET PRINTERS and Refilling Cartridges </A></STRONG></FONT><BR><BR> <FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#ff0000"><STRONG><EM>OTHER GREAT SITES</EM></STRONG></FONT><BR> <FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#ff0000"><STRONG>THE SINGLE MOST COMPREHENSIVE GENEALOGY SITE</STRONG></FONT><BR> <STRONG><A HREF="http://www.CyndisList.com/">Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet</A><BR> About 264,800 Links in 120 Categories</STRONG><BR><BR> <FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#ff0000"><STRONG>BIGGEST SURNAME MESSAGE BOARD SITE</STRONG></FONT><BR> <STRONG><A HREF="http://genforum.familytreemaker.com/">GenForum Message Board</A><BR> 1.6 million messages</STRONG><BR><BR> <FONT SIZE=2><STRONG>Revised 9 May 2003.<BR> This site may be freely linked, but not duplicated.<BR> Copyright &copy; 1999-2007 by Jon Schweitzer. All rights reserved.<BR> This site and all internal links are copyrighted.</STRONG></FONT><BR><BR> <CENTER><IMG SRC="rwb.gif" WIDTH=576 HEIGHT=7 ALT="Schweitzer genealogy"></CENTER> <BR><BR> <CENTER><STRONG><FONT SIZE=4>Words, Phrases And Site Name For This Schweitzer Site</FONT></STRONG></CENTER> <BLOCKQUOTE><STRONG> /schweitzer/ is the Web site name. The words are schweitzer family history, schweitzer family, schweitzer genealogy, genealogical, web page, web site, site webpage website family database, home page, home ullman ulman ulmen johnson and vogtmann.<BR> Others are vogtman zorn stoll erpelding lemmer weiss lauer lellig beck hastert willems hengen olinger, blue earth, winona douglas and superior.<BR> Many more are mankato nittel boulder wi mn lux. wisconsin minnesota luxembourg luxemberg biwer beaver weeker grevenmacher and betzdorf.<BR> There is also schweitzer family from Wisconsin Minnesota and Luxembourg, tree ancestors trees data files file person persons decents people, web sight and counties. The last ones are country co history pedigrees, ancestor pedigree, searchable database, ancestors co. searchable and /schweitzer/ . </STRONG></BLOCKQUOTE>