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December 2006
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Winter Evening Lights With Snow Falling
Bing Crosby Singing "White Christmas"
The Very Best Wishes For The New Year From
Jon Schweitzer and the entire family
The happiest news of the year is the arrival of daugther Julie and son-in-law Oliver's baby MINA in Tokyo on September 4. Julie is working part time at Dräger as a senior manager. Oliver is still the President of Dräger Medical Japan. 3 year old daugther Ella is in nursery school. There is a 3 page photographic website for MINA on the Internet at: http://www.encinojon.com/mina/ and the 3 pictures below. There is a 28 page photographic website for ELLA on the Internet at: http://www.encinojon.com/ella/ and the 3 pictures below.

Mina's first public photo
she is about 12 hours old
Oliver, Ella, Mina and Julie and
Mina's gift at Dräger's office party
Mina ready for her closeup
she is about 16 days old

Ella at 2 yrs 5 mos
with her Easter basket
Ella with her new sister Mina
at 2 years 9 months old
Ella visiting in Germany
at 2 years 8 months

Son Scott, wife Christine and 3 year old daughter Maya are all well. Scott is building houses and Christine has developed an electronic device and it will be in production very soon. She also has a writing project. They will be with us for Christmas. There is a 27 page photographic website for MAYA on the Internet at: http://www.encinojon.com/maya/ and the 3 pictures below.

Maya with great-grandma
Rose at 2 years 8 months
Maya, Christine and Scott visiting in Encino
CA Maya is 2 years 8 months old
Maya and her cookie at
her 3 year old birthday

Scott and Julie's mother Gloria is still an RN for a new large medical clinic in Oxnard CA.

Jon's sweetheart Beryle is still enjoying her retirement, garden and a Senior Fitness class.

Jon's mother Rose will be 92 years young on January 5 and is very thrilled and happy with all the pictures she receives in the mail of her 3 great-grandchildren and their families.

Jon continues to be a genealogy consultant and teacher of genealogy, Internet, website design and computer classes at the 2nd largest genealogy Family History Center. His genealogy website may be found on the Internet at: http://www.encinojon.com/schweitzer/

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