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December 2011

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Winter Evening Lights and Deer
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The Very Best Wishes For The New Year
From Jon Schweitzer And The Entire Family
Son-in-law OLIVER is still Dräger's Medical World Wide Manager of Anesthesia in Germany. Daughter JULIE is still working part-time as a senior manager of Global Sales Effectiveness at Dräger in Germany.

Their 5 year old daughter MINA settled into her new bi-lingual private school kindergarten making some real good friends. She is now speaking a perfect Hamburg-German. MINA is turning into a real girl, who loves to sing - just for herself and anybody else around. She continues with ballet, started a field hockey career and plans to start piano next year. Their other daughter, 8 year old ELLA had another fantastic year in the 3rd grade. She enjoyed her ever-increasing social circle and her new classmates at the private International School in Hamburg. ELLA dropped horseback riding and continued jazz dancing, piano and started field hockey as well. ELLA is more the party dancer and shows a lot of interest in cool music. ELLA cannot wait for Mina to change schools and be in kindergarten at the private International School in Hamburg in January.

JULIE is the master of many separate lives: her social calendar remains busy and she seems to know almost anybody in and around Hamburg and the neighborhood. JULIE is working at Dräger's Medical a little bit more than expected managing the Global Sales Effectiveness Team and keeping a lot of balls up in the air at the same time - she travels for her work to the US, Mexico and Brazil which is only possible because of great help from the grandmas and grandpas and our lovely nanny Mary. OLIVER is accumulating more responsibility in his job and never complains about the commuting to and from work. OLIVER did some extensive traveling around the globe and is developing a bit of a social life of his own "with the boys". The whole family celebrated a very white Christmas in Germany, a very hot Easter in Dubai and a just-perfect-summer in California in Encino and at Lair Family Camp for a week. OLIVER and the girls spent Autumn Holidays with Grandma and Grandpa at the Baltic Sea while JULIE went with her friends to Barcelona in October. OLIVER went with the Boys to the Formula 1 race in Budapest, Hungary in July.

There is a 57 page photographic Website for ELLA on the Internet at: http://www.encinojon.com/ella/ and a 29 page photographic Website for MINA on the Internet at: http://www.encinojon.com/mina/

Julie, Mina, Ella and Oliver

The girls in their Halloween costumes
Mina and Ella after 4 hours of skiing
Ella is at her 8 year old birthday

Mina is getting ready to ski
Mina is at her 5 year old birthday
Ella at jazz dancing "Cat's" rehearsal

Son SCOTT and CHRISTINE and their 8 year old daughter MAYA are well. MAYA is in the 3rd grade and is enjoying her art class. MAYA enjoys being outside in the grass, flowers and bugs. Scott is still a general contractor that does remodeling and sometimes builds houses. There is a 30 page photographic Website for MAYA on the Internet at: http://www.encinojon.com/maya/

Maya in tulips
Maya is happy in the flowers
Maya in reindeer car

Scott and Julie's mother GLORIA did some nursing work for a very short time this year but is now retired.

Jon's sweetheart BERYLE is still enjoying her retirement, garden and a Senior Fitness class.

JON continues to be a genealogy consultant and teacher of genealogy classes at the 2nd largest genealogy Family History Library in Los Angeles. He has been the Webmaster of their Website at http://www.lafhl.org/index.htm for more than six years. His genealogy Website may be found on the Internet at: http://www.encinojon.com/ and his old surname Website is at http://www.encinojon.com/schweitzer/ and his NEW family history Website is at http://www.encinojon.com/jon/ His Online Classes are at http://www.lafhl.org/onlineclasses.htm

Beryle and Jon
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