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The Very Best Wishes For The New Year
From Jon Schweitzer And The Entire Family
Son-in-law OLIVER is still the World Wide Manager of Anesthesia for Dräger's Medical in Germany. Daughter JULIE, is working 20 hours a week as head of Global Sales and Service for Dräger Medical in Germany.

In June most of the family left Germany for 6 weeks in California where they spent lots of time with family and friends. They were in Encino, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Lair Family Camp and attended many shows and adventure parks. OLIVER was able to take 2 weeks off from work so they spent lots of time with him.

ELLA is in the 5th grade and 10 years old and MINA is 6 years old and in the 2nd grade. MINA started horseback riding again. ELLA has had piano recitals and is taking ballet. MINA still loves to sing and continues with ballet and field hockey. She started school choir this year and is enjoying her passion, gymnastics. ELLA and MINA attended summer school here near Encino. ELLA attended a school camp in Germany. MINA won first place in field hockey at school. The whole family went skiing in Austria in February. JULIE, ELLA and MINA went again this month. ELLA and MINA were each awarded first place in city-wide competitions in gymnastics. ELLA was the queen in a school play.

JULIE, ELLA and MINA went to the Baltic Sea with Oliver's parents. MINA sang solo in the auditorium to the whole school. Another time, she had a piano solo. MINA went to many parties at school, including a carnival party, spring party and a Peter Rabbit party.

There is a 68 page photographic Website for ELLA on the Internet at: http://www.encinojon.com/ella/ and the 3 pictures below. There is a 45 page photographic Website for MINA on the Internet at: http://www.encinojon.com/mina/ and the 3 pictures below. To look at their Websites on the Internet, you will need the User Name jon and the Password 1130

Julie and Oliver in Encino
The family in Encino
The family at Camp Lair

Ella skiing in Austria
Ella receiving 1st place in city gym competition
Ella and Mina in Encino

Mina skiing in Austria
Mina with her horse in Germany
Mina in her new dress

Son SCOTT and CHRISTINE and their 10 year old daughter MAYA are all well. MAYA is in the 5th grade and is still enjoying her art class. MAYA still enjoys being outside in the grass, flowers and bugs. Scott is still a general contractor who does remodeling and sometimes builds houses. There is a 30 page photographic Website for MAYA on the Internet at: http://www.encinojon.com/maya/

Maya is in costume
Maya is a snow angel
Maya in Halloween attire

Scott and Julie's mother GLORIA is doing a wonderful job caring for a 100 year old lady in Oceanside.

Jon's sweetheart BERYLE enjoys retirement, some gardening, hearing about and seeing pictures of the girls.

JON visited Hamburg, Germany for three weeks in March and enjoyed playing with ELLA and Mina in the snow. JON is still retired and the Webmaster of the Los Angeles FamilySearch Library, formerly the Los Angeles Family History Library Website at http://www.lafhl.org/index.htm His Website for Los Angeles FamilySearch Library research is at http://www.encinojon.com/lafhl/ His genealogy Website may be found on the Internet at: http://www.encinojon.com/ His OLD surname Website is at http://www.encinojon.com/schweitzer/ His NEW family history Website is at http://www.encinojon.com/jon/ His Online Classes are at http://www.lafhl.org/onlineclasses.htm

Beryle and Jon

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